Pack Leader Training

Early registration means signing up online one week or more before the event and will cost less.

Late registration means signing up online less than one week ahead or at the door and will cost more.

See the council training page here for the other Circle 10 District’s trainings here or go to their websites directly here.

To be a fully trained Cub Scout Leader you will need the following trainings:

Youth Protection

Every leader in Cub Scouting should complete Youth Protection training,which provides essential information about working with youth. Taken online any time at Required once a year for Twilight Camp and every two years in general.

The state of Texas also has requirements for specific council run camps held in Texas for the youth protection to be a face to face class. The required events for this face to face class would be Summer Camp, Winter Camp, Cub Scout Twilight (Day) Camp, and Webelos Resident Camp. If you are an adult attending any of those camps please make sure you have taken face to face training in the last two years and that you can show your training card. Sign up for upcoming classes here.

Position Specific

This training helps you know how to do your position. This training can now be taken at and we are continually getting asked the question of should we take it online or take a live one the district offers. To this ask yourself the question,“Do I want to be taught by a computer or a machine?” The online course is separated out for each den leader position. If you change positions you will have to take it again. The in person course teaches all the den leaders together. Thus you only need to take the training once to go from Tiger Den Leader to Webelos Den Leader. Kind of nice that way. You will need to take it again for Cubmaster and Committee though. Don’t forget these all have different online fast start course you must take as well to be fully trained. If you are totally new to Cub Scouting the in person class might be a great way to start. It is up to you. Whatever you do get trained.

Click on links below to see when the next trainings are available:

Cub Scout Leader Position Specific Training (in person in the October and otherwise online all year long

This is for Den Leader, Cubmaster, and Committee Leader Specific and is usually held on a Tuesday early in October from 6:30 to 10:00 pm.

Run by Lone Star District at the McKinney LDS building where round table is held 2801 Eldorado Pkwy, McKinney,TX; $5 early or $8 late.

Pack Trainers. Your training can be scheduled with the training team. You also require Trainers Edge training offered by the council and need to be able to work with the district training team to be effective. Simply taking the online pack trainer training will not empower you to do your job fully or make you fully trained.

Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO)

Required by at least one person in order for a Pack or Den to go camping. The next courses being offered are:

This will now be held as a campout from about 6 pm Friday to about 9 pm Saturday in the early fall and again on a Saturday in early Spring.

Run by Lone Star District most likely at Myer's Park; $20 early or $25 late.

Though we are breaking from the new syllabus we are hoping to do a one day local BALOO again. Sign up and get more information here.

* See the council listing for the other districts or the other district websites for other possible dates.

Weather Hazards

Required by at least one person in order to get a tour permit. Taken online any time at