Welcome to the Lone Star District advancement page. We provide information and links to help you with a very important method of scouting. First we would like to introduce you to the Lone Star District Advancement Team members:

Questions about Advancement or Awards?

If anyone has questions about advancement or awards for Cubs, Troops or Crews, our district advancement committee can help. We are here to present Life to Eagle information, merit badge counselor training, help with tracking advancement, present information about the religious emblems and other awards. You can email Michell Crawford, district advancement chair, to get you connected with the right person to help.


Any member of the Advancement Team will be glad to help you with advancement questions. Eagle Scout Boards of Review and Project Approvals are scheduled through this website. Here are some links we think you will find helpful:

From Life to Eagle (a guide)

Schedule an Eagle Board of Review

Schedule an Eagle Project Approval Meeting

Lone Star District Eagle Scout Rank Application Process

Eagle Scout Project Information

Eagle Scout Rank Application

Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook

Eagle Possible Projects (organizations submit here)

Risk Management and Planning Your Project

The Guide to Tool Usage By Age

Lone Star District Eagle Registry

Scouts with Disabilities

Alternate Merit Badges

Alternate Trail to First Class

Eagle Scholarship

Do you know about Scoutbook?

It is the free advancement tracking website and application your unit can use. Get some details here.