Scouts with Disabilities

Disability –Advancement Requirements

If a Scout has a disability,what is the rule for substituting or deciding on alternate requirements? Tenderfoot –1st Class? Merit badges requirements? Rank advancement?

Cub Scouts with Disability

Adaptation of an activity is at the Pack and Parent level and does not require approval at the district or council level. The goal is for the Cub to have fun and successfully progress in the Cub Scout Program to the best of his abilities.

Boy Scouts with Disabilities

Rank –Tenderfoot,Second Class,and First Class with Disability

The Scout must complete as many of the requirements as he can. Parents and Leaders then develop alternate requirements and submit these via the District Advancement to the Council Advancement Committee for approval.

Merit Badges for Rank

The Scout completes as many of the merit badges that he can. Parents and Leaders then develop alternate merit badges that are equally challenging as the one you are substituting for but certainly within the capability of the Scout. No requirements for a merit badge can be modified. You just have to find the alternate that the scout can accomplish.

The Eagle Scout rank may be achieved by a Boy Scout,Varsity Scout,or qualified Venturer who has a physical or mental disability by qualifying for alternate merit badges. This does not apply to individual requirements for merit badges. Merit badges are awarded only when all requirements are met as stated. Application for Alternate Eagle Scout Rank Merit Badges