Webelos Outdoor Weekend

September 13-15, 2019 at Camp James Ray

WEBELOS: 8:00 am (Saturday) Registration/Check-In

TROOPS and CREWS: Check in Friday from 6:30 - 8pm

Check-out by Sunday 10:00 am

If you plan to leave early please let us know when you check in.

Lone Star District WOW is all about Scouts working with Webelos to teach Scout skills and the ideals of scouting. This is a great opportunity for Webelos to meet the Troops in the Lone Star District as they start to think about which Scout Troop to join. Troops, this is a great opportunity to show off your Scout skills and earn the admiration and respect of the Webelos. Again, this is an opportunity for Webelos to meet many of the Scouts from the different Troops in the Lone Star District. On Saturday, the Webelos will rotate from station to station throughout the day to learn exciting Scout skills from each Troop. We will start with an opening Ceremony and end with a Campfire Program. If your Webelos would like to participate in a flag ceremony or put on a fun skit during our Campfire program the Webelos and Scouts will have the opportunity to do so.

Who: All 1st and 2nd year Webelos AND adult partner (parent / guardian) OR at least 1 adult leader for every 5 Webelos with 2 deep leadership). Those who have Sunday obligations are encouraged to leave after camp fire on Saturday night.

Scout Troops, please e-mail wow@lonestardistrict.org with the Scout skill you would like to do. Troops can teach skills they think would be appropriate for Webelos scouts such as rope making, lashing competition, tent setup, Cast Iron Chef, rope throw rescue, geocaching, etc... Troops are encouraged to incorporate their activity to a Webelos Requirement like Outdoorsman, Readyman, Stroner Faster Higher, Camper, etc. Be Creative and be responsible with your ideas. We want the Webelos to have FUN; and of course we want everyone to have fun!

Webelos girls, if you would like to come to WOW with a female troop then troop 406-G would like to invite you to camp with them. Just sign up and email scoutmaster@simply-smiles.net and you are in.


Webelos: $10 for early registration and must be received at the Scout Shop in Fairview no later than September 10th. REGISTER EARLY TO GET A PATCH!

Webelos Adults: entry is Free (add $3 if you would like a patch).

Troops: $25 Troop campsite fee plus $3 per Scout. (Adult leaders are free – add $3 if leader wants a patch); Payments must be received at the Scout Shop in Fairview no later than September 10th.

Register online here then pay at the office.

Paying the office via an email form.

Register here and pay online ($1.75 more).

Provisions: Lone Star District will NOT be providing food. This event should be treated as a weekend campout. Packs, Troops, Crews you will provide your own meals, tents, camping gear etc… OA will have a concession stand for purchasing snacks so scouts may want to bring a few dollars. WEBELOS: You will camp with a Scout Troop. Please make every effort to contact the Troop that you wish to camp with and get their approval prior to registering. When you register, please let us know who you will be camping with. IF YOU CANNOT FIND A TROOP TO CAMP WITH, LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We will help you find a troop.

Schedule: Schedule of Events

Flyer: WOW Flyer

Campfire/Cracker Barrel: Saturday night – skits, songs, fun, and snacks (available for sale by your OA Staff)! Creativity and humor abound! (Please let us know on arrival if you would like to do a skit Saturday night. Skit approval during Leaders meeting Friday night.)

Staffing: The OA (Order of the Arrow) will be staffing the event. If you are an OA Member, or Venturing Scout and you would like to help staff this event please let us know. Remember the needs of your Troop should always come first. For staffing questions please e-mail lonestarwow@yahoo.com Co-ed Venture Scouts are welcome to assist with Staffing (We will have the appropriate adult leadership to accommodate young lady, Venturing Scouts.)

OA WOW Staffing Sign Up

OA Brotherhood Ceremony: If it has been 10 months since your ordeal, you are likely eligible for the Brotherhood. The cost for the Brotherhood ceremony is $20 (AND YOU WILL GET A BROTHERHOOD SASH)

Brotherhood Ceremony Sign Up

Dutch oven Contest: There will be a Dutch oven contest on Saturday night, so plan accordingly. (Contest time will be announced at check in.)

QUESTIONS: Contact wow@lonestardistrict.org

See www.lonestardistrict.org/activities/wow for more details and deadlines.