Scouting For Food

Every February all the Scouts of Lone Star District go door to door collecting food for their local food pantries.

Collection for 2023 is on Saturday, February 11th. You may also collect before that but the food pantry accepts the food on the 19th. When you are done with Scouting For Food please enter your numbers on Journey to Excellence as service hours.

2021 Unit Guidebook

2021 District Flyer

2021 Door Cards (Updated 2/21/2021)

Interactive Map of the areas.

Additional Information (as 1/4/2021):

Based on feedback from the OA's and analysis of the increased size of collection areas this year, the Food Pantry collection hours will be extended to 4pm. The Food Pantry Drop Off on February 11th will be from 10am - 4pm. If you collect food in your area earlier in the month, you must hold it until the 11th when the volunteers will be at the Food Pantry.

When dropping off collected food, please look for direction from the Order of Arrow Scouts (in uniform) at the Food Pantry. Adult volunteers (and scouts) dropping off are expected to briefly assist the OA's with an initial sorting of the items outside of the Food Pantry. Please plan accordingly. Also, if you have younger scouts or siblings with you, please make sure they are helping and not running around in the parking lot. This is a small drop off area and their safety is important.

As indicated in the Unit Guidebook, You will be reporting collection results through the Journey to Excellence service hour reporting tool found at

Attached is a worksheet that you can utilize to collect your data during the collection date. We would request that you send us a copy of this form or bring it to the March Roundtable once you have entered your service results into the JTE website. Instructions on JTE Service Hours Website can be found at

Collection Bags and more information will be handed out at the February Roundtable beginning at 6:45 pm .

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