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Cub Adventure Camp Staff and Volunteers - Now

We are looking for a few paid staff and mostly volunteers for our Cub Adventure Camp coming up.    

There are 3 paid positions. All for the week of June 3rd to June 7th.  jobs@lonestardistrict.org

Cub Adventure Camp Management Camp Director 

Cub Adventure Camp Management Team Program Director

Qualified Range Master- BSA Certified Range Master

We also need staff volunteers; walking den leaders, class instructors, assistants, range officers, administration.

Sign up for volunteer staff here:  Cub Adventure Camp - McKinney: June 3 - 7 at Myers Park

Cub Adventure Camp, June 3 - 7

(Previously known as Day or Twilight Camp)

You have been waiting and now our dates and locations are secure and registration is OPEN!  The one local to Lone Star District is at Myers Park and is the one we suggest but ...  Scouts can attend any camp at any location! Choose what works best for your family!  Click on link for more details and to register.

Cub Adventure Camp - Mesquite: May 28 - 31 at Rorie Galloway Park
Cub Adventure Camp - Farmers Branch: June 3 - 7 at Farmers Branch Historical Park
Cub Adventure Camp - McKinney: June 3 - 7 at Myers Park
Cub Adventure Camp - Plano: June 3 - 6 at Bob Woodruff Park
Cub Adventure Camp - Waxahachie: June 10 - 14 at Ellis County Expo Center
Cub Adventure Camp - Richardson: June 10 - 13 at Breckinridge Park
Cub Adventure Camp - Nevada: June 17 - 21 at Nevada Lone Star Cowboy Church
Cub Adventure Camp - Dallas: June 17 - 21 at Camp Wisdom

Friends of Scouting Donation Link

Did you miss your unit's Friends of Scouting presentation?  It is not too late to donate anyway.  Fill out the card they sent you and send it back.  Or fill this one, link, out and turn it in at Roundtable or at the Fairview Scout Office.  

Or you can do it online!  https://donations.scouting.org/#/national

Spring Virtual Sale - Individual Fundraiser


That's right! Each family can decide to participate in this Spring Virtual Sale! It is completely up to you! And with just a few clicks, your Scout can be selling online and earning Thrift-E funds. 

Keep up with the sale by joining our channel here. And we know you may have some questions, so please review the current FAQs here or reach out to the staff advisor, Jordan Ray. Let us know you will be participating by signing up here.

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Cub Scout Program Changes Coming June 1, 2024 


1. Goal was to make program SIMPLE, FUN, EASY (think from perspective of busy leaders).
2. All ranks, LION – ARROW OF LIGHT, will be standardized with a consistent number of adventures to achieve rank: 6 “core” and 2 “elective”
3. The distinction between Webelos Program (4th and 5th grade) and the Webelos RANK (4th grade) and Arrow of Light Rank (5th grade) was a source of confusion to many. This will be rectified by having separate handbooks, just like there is for the other ranks.
4. BOBCAT will NO LONGER be a RANK. It becomes the first adventure in EACH grade level rank. The requirements will be different at each rank.
5. All “core” adventures are now standardized into 6 categories across each rank: CHARACTER/LEADERSHIP (this is the BOBCAT at each rank); OUTDOORS, PERSONAL FITNESS, CITIZENSHIP, PERSONAL SAFETY (OR SAFETY/FIRST AID FOR THE 4TH/5TH GRADERS), AND FAMILY/REVERENCE. This will make it easier for leaders planning pack outings or using mixed age dens, to plan meetings across a topic.
6. SUPPLEMENTAL AWARDS (not achievements) were not seeing much use/awareness; many of these are NOW reconfigured into an ELECTIVE which should increase their visibility.
7. Electives have been “repopulated” … lots of them; 16 in total for Lions and AOL; 20 for each of the other ranks. Some popular electives, such as FISHING, show up IN EVERY RANK (presumably with some variation of requirements – bet all include going fishing!). In the slide below, the “lightest” color in each rank at top are electives continuing from the current program. The “mid-tone” colored ones are NEW, including ones that used to be stand alone awards/patches, and the darkest tones at bottom (BB’s/Archery/Slingshot) are ones that must be done in a district/council setting.
8. They published a schedule of when information will be released; handbooks in March/April. More information coming out each month in another CUBCHATLIVE (dates and TOPICS are INDICATED in the chart below: 12/1/23; 1/12/24; 2/2/24; 3/1/24/ 4/5/24; 4/5/24; 5/10/24; 6/7/24)
9. Changes effective 6/1/2024 (i.e., for NEXT Cub Scout year) -- ALL RANKS continue as current for the spring semester.

If you have already watched/listened to the CubChatLive, great. If not, you can use this link: https://youtu.be/0Orm_Gz8hrg -- about 35 minutes, worth listening to.

Also, all the information this is currently in PRINT is available on the Program Updates Page: https://www.scouting.org/program-updates/cub-scout-program-updates-announced/


In case you missed the announcement, you can watch the unveiling! Then mark your calendars for more #CubChatLive episodes to provide more details and roll out information. Next episode is December 1.

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Order of the Arrow Unit Elections - December 1st through March 31st

Has your unit scheduled an OA election with the Order of the Arrow yet?  We hope to be done by March 1st.  However, we can still have them before March 31st.  Have your OA Representative or Senior Patrol Leader sign up here.