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Troop, Team, and Crew Adult Leader Training

Early registration means signing up online one week or more before the event and will cost less.
Late registration means signing up online less than one week ahead or at the door and will cost more.
See other Circle 10 training page here,all of the combined District trainings here, or go to various District websites here.

To be a fully trained Boy Scout,Varsity Team,or Venture Crew Leader you will need the following trainings:

Youth Protection

Taken on line any time at  Required once a year for summer camp and every two years in general.

The state of Texas also has requirements for specific council run camps held in Texas for the youth protection to be a face to face class.  The  required events for this face to face class would be Summer Camp, Winter Camp, Cub Scout Twilight (Day) Camp, and Webelos Resident Camp.  If you are an adult attending any of those camps please make sure you have taken face to face training in the last two years and that you can show your training card. Sign up for upcoming classes here.

Boy Scout, Varsity Team, and Venture Crew Leader Position Specific

This training helps you know how to do your position.  The next trainings available are:

Typically held on a Tuesday or Thursday in October and again in April from 6:30 to 10:30 pm by the Lone Star District at the McKinney LDS building, 2801 Eldorado Pkwy, where round table is held. These trainings are held across 2 days.

Boy Scout Leader Specific Training (Scoutmasters & assistants),  $13 early or $15 late (Scoutmaster Handbook included).  Sign up & details here.
Varsity Leader Specific Training (Coaches and assistants),  $10 early or $15 late (Varsity Guidebook included).  We can't teach this training.  Sorry.
Venture Leader Specific Training (Advisors and associates),  $13 early or $15 late (Venturing Leader Manual included).  Sign up & details.

Committee Training

This training is for members of the troop, or team, or crew committees.  Troop committee training is also available on line at

Troop Committee Leader Specific (all Troop committee members), $10 early or $12 late (includes Manual).  Sign up & details.
Venturing Committee Leader Specific (all Venturing committee members), $13 early or $15 late (includes Manual).  Sign up & details.
Combined Troop, Team, and Crew Committee Specific (custom for LDS committees), $3 early or $5 late.  Sign up & details.

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS)

This training is required for Scout Masters,Varsity,and Venture leaders and their assistants.  It is suggested for all committee.  It helps get your outdoor skills where they need to be on a real campout with skills training sessions practicing the patrol method all the while.

IOLS is typically offerred Tuesday at 7:30 pm for orientation and then the immediate Friday and Saturday for the camping portion.  This is by the Lone Star District;$30 early or $40 late.  The 7:30 pm Tuesday orientation is at the McKinney LDS building, 2801 Eldorado Pkwy, where round table is held.  The camping portion will be at Camp James Ray, Pottsboro,TX, the Chambersville Tree Farm, 7032 CR 971, Celina, TX, or Myers Park in McKinney.  Sign up and get more information here.

Wilderness First Aid

Required by at least one youth or adult for Philmont and many other High Adventure Camps.  Required for all High Adventure in 2013.  The next courses being offered are:

Wilderness First Aid Current and Former Training List