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Circle Ten Council and Lone Star District would like to ensure that every leader is 100% trained.  To that end we have the following methods in place.
  1. Council has put together this document with information on what we need to be 100% trained and what the council is doing to get us to 100% trained.  Training Overview For Unit Leaders
  2. All of us need knowledge of our current training status.  BSA has made that available for individuals and units at so take a look.  Update your contact information there as well.
  3. We would like for everyone requiring training to be invited to and informed of it.  To that end we need your help.  Please put us in touch with the Unit Training Coordinator for your unit.  We will work with him to make sure our records match and that the needed training is available.  So help us to know who your Unit Training Coordinator is below (
  4. One of the goals of training is that all new leaders become trained within 30 days of becoming that leader.  So if our district doesn't offer the training you need then perhaps another district is.  With 23 districts about there should be the training you need somewhere.  First look on our training page, or, then take a look at the consolidated training spreadsheet for the council here.

Training Coordinators