Scouting For Food

Every February all the Scouts of Lone Star District go door to door collecting food for their local food pantries. 

See the details for Circle Ten Council then come see the local details here. 

Collection for 2017 is on Saturday, February 11th.  Units can start collecting in the morning but need to have it turned into the food pantry before 2 pm.  When food is dropped off at the pantry the food will be counted.  Each unit then needs to submit your results by 2 pm by submitting to the form below so all of the results can be reported to the council.

Submit to Scouting For Food results here.   Or turn in this form to our District Executive, Tim Mason.

Bags for collection are available at Round Table on February 4th from our District Executive Tim Mason. 

Here are the McKinney routes as they are assigned to the Packs and Troops as they stand.

And here is the map for Princeton.