Princeton Service Project

As a thank you to Princeton Texas for donating their park for our Camporee every year, Betty Peace is heading up a service project to refurbish their city entrance gardens on both sides and both ends of 380.  If you or your unit would care to participate here are some details and a list of needs on how you can help.

The boys may work as individuals to earn service hours.  There are eight beds to work.  The scouts will need to bring  water and gloves.  The city will provide reflective jackets.  Troops or individuals may contact Betty Pease by phone or e-mail to set up times to work.  After school or week-ends will be great.  Parents may help.  Scout masters do not need to be present, but may help if available.  A city employee will be present, also, so please make contact for arrangements.

       Clean beds and remove all vegetation and old drip tubing (scouts/adults)
       Roto till in new soil additive/compost (adults)
       Collect flowers/trees (donations or money, contact Betty for more information) 
            Shumard Red Oak trees - 24
            Crepe Myrtle - 16
            Sea Green Juniper - 16
            Carissa Holly (dwarf) - 40
            Purple Plum Winter Euonymus Wintercreeper      
       Install plants and any other materials 
       Install drip (Haynes Landscaping and scouts )
       Mulch beds

Contact Betty Pease:
972-809-0119 (9AM-1PM ) 
e-mail -