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Advancement Modification

Learn How New Cub Scout Advancement Modifications Offer Greater Flexibility
The BSA announces modifications to Cub Scouting that make the program more flexible for busy parents, den leaders, and Cubmasters.
As you may be aware, with one year of experience, feedback suggests that the new design of the Cub Scout program did successfully address many original concerns, but also indicates an opportunity for further modification. The fine-tuning reflects the BSA’s three-step approach to new programs: Launch. Learn. Modify.
Some Den Leaders are having difficulty fitting all the Adventures required for advancement into their program year given their number of Den meetings. This is resulting in boys not advancing. After a thoughtful and deliberate review, the modifications are being implemented to address this concern. These modifications, approved today by the BSA’s Executive Committee, are designed to ensure that Adventure requirements are achievable by today’s Cub Scout dens within a program year and achievable by Cub Scouts from a wide range of backgrounds and socio-cultural experiences.
Most modifications involve the number of requirements to be completed, reducing the mandate to a number achievable within the limited time available to many dens, while retaining rich program options that allow leaders to build strong programs adapted to local needs and situations.
The transition will be seamless, with leaders choosing to use revised requirements as the den begins any new Adventure.
Visit for more information or to review the entire program. The following "Bryan on Scouting" blog post will be the lead source for these changes.
Similar communication will be going to every registered Tiger Leader, Den Leader, Webelos Leader and Cubmaster, as well as various other constituent groups like Commissioners, Training teams, and others but please forward/share this information with any group or via any communication system as you see fit.

With regard to the 11/30/2016 changes to the Cub Scout program, some FAQs have been compiled and were published on Bryan on Scouting's blog dated 12/3/2016.
The following link will take you to the blog post. 
For your convenience, the attached document (suitable for printing and distribution at RT or other events) briefly summarizes the changes and provides the text of these FAQs.  I've included a PDF and a Word version if you wish to add/change things or simply use the pdf when printing to avoid font issues.
Clearly, more information will be forthcoming in the next few weeks, questions may arise with regard to some of the changes, and there may be a need for clarification of certain elements.  Please communicate to your Cub Leaders that all good faith interpretations of the changes will be fine, and to simply let their actions be guided by what is in the best interest of the Cub Scout.  The goal of these changes is to make rank advancement MORE realistically achievable for the vast majority of Cub Scouts.